Meet Madison Stuart

Hey Guys! I’m Madison and I’m 17 from Dallas Texas. Here’s a few things about me. I l My favorite color is Blue, I love the outdoors, and I have a passion for singing and preforming. Right when I started talking I also started singing along to the radio in my car-seat. I write all the time. I write about my feelings, dreams, people and stories I’ve heard or seen. I have a pretty busy life balancing school, music, dance, sleep and friends, so people always ask me when I have time to write. Well the answer is I use any second I have. When I get an idea I write it on my homework, little pieces of paper, my hand, napkins or type it on my phone. I have been writing songs and playing guitar since I was nine. I love the way it feels when I finish a song and love it even more when it relates to someone other then me. I like telling a story through words. Music has always been there for me so I hope my music will be there for someone. There is a song for every emotion and that’s why I do what I do. Friends and family are so important to me. Being an only child I’m super close to my parents. I strangely love being in the car because that means I can listen to music and go someplace new. I LOVE to travel! I find that learning with experience about new cultures and cities is needed to grow into a understanding person. I also carry my phone everywhere, you can say I’m obsessed, but I use it to take pictures of everything around me. Pictures pause a moment in time and document my emotions. I loved getting to grow up in the city, but I’m also blessed to have family farms and ranches on both parents sides. Growing up I was at my ranch or grandparents farm a lot. Something about being in a open place with no cities lights always felt like home and helps keep me grounded. I love animals, but my forever favorites will be horses and cats (wild and domestic). I’m a strong believer of the cliché that everything happens for a reason and when something bad happens, something better is on its way.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.